My Vision

"To provide a better service to the parties but also to the county as a whole" - Scott Halperin

I have spent nearly twenty-five years working in the legal profession, nineteen of them as a lawyer, learning everything I can. I have worked to protect the rights of children, victims of domestic violence, at-risk youth, and other folks who have had business in court. It's time to put my experience to work serving the county as a whole.


I will take every case before me seriously and will treat all parties in an equal manner. I will never show favor to either side.


I will assure that substantial justice is done for everyone who appears in my courtroom and will provide fast, efficient justice for the taxpayers.

Living up to Cobb's Standards

Cobb County's bar and bench have set the highest standard in Georgia for service to the community, and I will continue to live up to that standard as judge.

Who I am

Scott Halperin

I am a courtroom person. I am in court five days a week and have been for nearly fifteen years. Because of the nature of my practice and career, I have covered a breadth of cases that no one in my race has. This is not a knock on anyone else’s practice, but it is a fact about mine. I have the most diverse experience of anyone in the race.

I served as president of the criminal defense section of the Cobb bar for the last year and was a member of the Cobb Bar Trustees in that capacity. I am a former member of the Georgia Tort Lawyers Association and I am a current member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I have the most experience working with vulnerable and at-risk parties of anyone in the race. In 2019, I received the Judge G. Conley Ingram Award for Service to Cobb County. I also received a Victory Award from the Criminal Defense Section of the Cobb Bar last year. I have spent more time in the trenches working the cases that fall through the cracks in our system than anyone else.

I am dedicated; I am committed; and I am in command of my skills. I am ready to serve at the next level as your next State Court Judge.

Thank you,
Scott Halperin


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